A Pati Loves Women’s and Jumpsuits

She is very inspired by Camila Coelho!

The Patricia , 18, is Miss Brazil Las Americas 2017 and lives in Rio Grande do Sul, in the city of Erechim. Especially in the events she participates for the title, she bets on women’s looks, with many dresses, skirts and heels. When you do not have to pack up so much, she plays in casual productions.

How do you define your style?
As I am Miss and I am always present in events and cocktails, I look for elegant looks, with much glamor and sophistication-and a make bafo. On a daily basis, I take a break and try to be as basic as possible, with jeans, comfortable shoes and blouses, but it all depends on my mood. If I wake up ready to cause, no one will hold me. I love dark and strong colors, but I do not dispense romantic looks.

Is there something you would never use?
I am very versatile when it comes to style. There are several things I can not identify with at one point, but then I use it. I love news and I’m always willing to find something different!

What is indispensable in your look?
My biggest love is a good leap. But I would also say that I do not give up tennis shoes and jeans because they can be adapted regardless of the situation.

What do you do in your free time?
I’m always reading-all kinds of books and blogs interest me, and I read a lot of newspaper every day. I like being attuned to what happens and there is always something new to learn.

Favorite beauty products?
I take good care of my face and keep it hydrated. I like to make cleaning masks and, day to day, I do not dispense moisturizer, matt base, a good concealer, illuminator, eyelash mask and nude lipstick. My hair is “everything” for me, so once a week I do hydration. To make the wires beautiful, my favorite product of life is coconut oil.

Who is your favorite girl?
Without a doubt, Camila Coelho is my inspiration. She gives incredible tips and they have always helped me a lot. Not to mention their looks, which are drooling!

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