Academic Work with Postmodern Shoes

For those who really love shoes no matter what’s in the stores. But, design, concepts, inspirations …

Academic Work with Postmodern Shoes 1

The design issues a beautiful, innovative design, style of an era.

And navigating the universe of shoes, here’s what I see interesting work of conclusion of masters of the famous London Royal College of Fashion that is already giving the talk in the world of fashion.

Kim Youngwon brought in your academic work incredibly shoes designed with focus on postmodern aesthetics. The shoes are visually amazing!

Postmodern shoes footwear design

Academic Work with Postmodern Shoes 2

The aim is to question the form and structure of the shoe, expanding the possibilities of design of footwear, with the interest in working beyond Visual and functional boundaries.

To this end, the designer created hidden jumps that has an installed system between the sole and the heel, allowing the exchange between models. In this way, the part of the heel of the shoe is customizable. A simple idea and very intelligent.

With this, Kim Youngwon rethinks the formal format of the shoe and, at the same time, brings a futuristic and daring post-modern proposal. Heels proposed by itself are quite extravagant.

Who said that only Alexander McQueen brings wacky ideas for what the feet will wear maternity footwear?

Academic Work with Postmodern Shoes 3

Kim Youngwon said: “‘ has been my personal goal as a designer in search of originality, timelessness,” wearability “, and most importantly, sophistication in design.” In other words, nothing prevents a footwear is extremely conceptual and still usable.

The possibility of design is also in functionality, in practicality, the use itself. This design is a real shoe architecture that shows that we need not always take the shoe was traditionally created. It is possible to extrapolate the limits of formalism with functionality, so that it communicates with the feet.

Choose Shoes According To Your Personality


Today we will talk about a very interesting topic for those current women that we know do not have much time to be in stores but from the office or the comfort of your home can continue to enjoy the days of shopping with less stress.

Buying shoes online should no longer be an arbitrary decision because now more than ever our personal image matters and how we project it. With this, we do not mean that your outfit choices should be defined by external agents, on the contrary, you can dress as you like but there is always the option of styling your image to get better results in your daily life: from getting the job of Your dreams to improve your mood on a stressful day. Turn clothing into a tool of your life and not into permanent distress.

To achieve that, it is best to work with items that match your personality. In this way you will be able to project all the favorable elements that make up your identity, and also leave an indelible mark behind you.

Precisely, today we have prepared a very special post in which we will recommend some of the Brantano models that perfectly complement your oufit, but above all, help you to project all the characteristics of your personality. Soon after using this strategy in your look you will realize the benefits that the dress brings you as you really are and you feel.

Here we go!

Relaxed and stress-free life. If yours is a simple life where your highest priority is the well-being of loved ones, the best thing for you is a shoe that provides the most comfort possible. The Tanvaquet C1544 sandal and the JR 4029 Beige Piel offer a very simple model, inspired by the traditional footwear in our country. Neutral colors allow you to combine it with any garment. Each one of them has a very particular dye of skin that gives a unique image to your feet. It is highly recommended in hot areas and to combine them perfectly with a campirano style.

Classical and creative. For women who prefer a much more classic but avant-garde image, with some details to highlight from the crowd, we recommend our line of sneakers. Whether you are in a position of power or simply have the great impulse to demonstrate your capabilities, the AN-2351_Azul Nar and JE-221 Corchosi models are what you need to have a distinguished image, in full control but with a unique feminine touch. The first one features beautiful orange floral details on a blue background that creates an extremely interesting contrast. In the case of the Corchosi model, it is conformed by a marbling texture with blue, black and red streaks. Ideal for women with leadership positions or for those interested in styling, design and haute couture.

Urban comfort. Casual sports courts are preferred by young women looking for a much freer but more stylized image. They are also extremely active: office work is not for them and they prefer to have total control of their career. They are the ones who set the pace of their lives. Sometimes, buy shoes online can become difficult because they find a model that achieves combine good taste and flexibility. But do not worry anymore! We have an ideal option for you: the JR-2311 shoes and the JR-2364 NEGROFLO. If your life goes on the streets of a great metropolis and you need to move easily without losing the style, the classic colors in black will give you just what you are looking for. In addition, in the case of NEGROFLO has floral details within the tropical trend, which has been in vogue in recent months and will surely continue to be used until the end of the year.

Festive soul. Do you have an active social life? Do you like to keep a unique image? If the fun is your thing and you do not like to think about more than going out to celebrate the weekend with your friends and have a good time, we have a catalog full of shoes for you. But, specifically we think of the models CI-2416 Blue Glit and the BH-236 NEGROTEXT. The special feature of these sneakers is their multifaceted image, as they may well work for a party on the beach in the afternoon or a night out to a dive. Do not let the different stages of the day limit you, these wonderful shoes with glitter details will get everyone’s attention. You will be the soul of the party!

No longer limits your possibilities, in Brantano we have a wide selection of shoes made in the country and with raw materials totally Mexican. Here you will find sandals, sneakers, closed shoe that is not available anywhere. It does not matter if you are explosive, shy, brave, productive, housewife or student, surely with us you can buy shoes online that satisfy you at all levels. Just adapt to your wardrobe! It is the clothes that should complement you.

If you did not find something for yourself in the above options, do not worry! Contact us and tell us a little bit about yourself, with pleasure we will help you find the ideal model for any occasion. As if this were not enough, we also put at your disposal a special selection of accessories that will combine perfect with your footwear. You can visit the options available in the following link.

We have delivery throughout the country, also if you are not satisfied with your product or the size does not fit completely, we can make changes and returns. To check the conditions to make these transactions effective, review the conditions here.