Bare Feet Thanks to The Transparency of Your Shoes

The transparencies they are fashion and not only delicate and sensual garments. Now, this so avant-garde trend moved to our shoes, leaving nearly bare feet. Would you like to be a modern Cinderella?


A few days ago I spoke of transparent heels but what I teach today is footwear with transparencies in the drywall, or with some detail or full. There are many firms that have included in their collections of summer shoes with this so futuristic fashion.

Ursula Mascaro

The material is usually PVC or plastic, combined with other materials of each piece. Sandals, ballerinas, oxford, salons… all models of footwear are committed to this bold trend. When I I put them? You can wear them for 24 hours, the more discreet to go to work and the most fashionable for a party or special event.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin they do not allow you to hide absolutely nothing from your feet because their two models of sandals show them in full. So, in these cases you have to opt for a pedicure and hydration perfect.

Sacha London Purificación García

Cuplé, In addition to simple options that combine black with transparency, it also houses at its summer collection wedges of wood with tacks details. Fashion, fashion!!