Goodyear Welted and Blaqueada: Get to Know the Main Types of Building of Shoes

Buy quality products in order to help you save money, and one of the main factors that differentiates a good shoe from a shoe bad, is the construction.


Goodyear Welted and Blaqueada Get to Know the Main Types of Building of Shoes

The shoe is poorly made tends to undo while a shoe well done continues to improve with time. This is not to mention that the boot that released the outsole, and left you in the hand. In the long term, it would be better to have saved to buy a shoe more expensive, but better. Agree?

Before we move forward, I want to make clear that a shoe better is not a shoe brand. A shoe well done costs more than a shoe that is poorly made, and understand what it means will help you analyze if the high prices actually reflect the value of a product.

You know what you are buying?

There is no need to buy the best of the best, but agree that it is great to understand how things are made to make a conscious choice?

In addition, better-informed consumers result in:

  • Brands more transparent; because we pushed the brands to better explain the value of the product
  • Vendors and vehicles of information that do your homework. Market professionals need to be aware to pass on the benefits with better explanations than “trend” or “top quality”
  • Information generates interest, which generates demand for something better, which raises the level of products made in Brazil. The basic price is inflated does not satisfy who know you have better options for the same price

The value of design and originality should also be taken into consideration if this is what you value, but longevity is what you are looking for, the quality of the leather and the set of components are the most important factors. The method of construction, it is as all these parts are united to form a shoe, and there are a few different ways to do this.

In this article I will explain the main methods of manufacture good shoes the industrialized world. You will not leave here knowing how to make a shoe, but will understand how brands can make the product more resistant and because some shoes cost more than others.


The Construction is the Backbone of the Quality of the Shoe

The general rule for boots and men’s shoes in markets that are well informed is: you pay for what the product is worth. Not much mystery.

The shoe protects our feet. It is our contact with the ground. The first to connect with the new territories and announce our arrival.

Unlike the shoes, it is the relationship between price and quality of the men’s shoes is well more next.

There are brands that are posh that are more name than substance but the price of the shoe stores, and manufacturers almost always reflects the quality.

The first factor that influences our vision of quality is the aesthetic. It is most important, but subjective.

Presentation? The packaging? Are those attributes which we call attention. Open the doors for a possible romance, or attract us to a trap. Without a good product behind, not able to sustain more than a night of love.

The quality of the footwear depends on how the visual fits your purpose and each small component used in the assembly. The construction is a factor little known, but very important.

It is she who unites to the leather of the shoe (the upper part that covers the foot) and the outsole. Is she that ensures firmness and influence in comfort. A Instagram legal and a logo vintage are worth nothing in a boot without a decent construction.

Shoes and boots made in factories can be divided in three buildings more popular. In order of complexity and durability:

  • Just pasted
  • The blaqueada
  • The goodyear welted.

In this post I will explain what I have learned about the advantages and defects of each.

What is “Welt”?

“Welt” is “vira” in English.

Welt is a strip of leather or some synthetic material that is stitched to the upper part of the sole and to the insole assembly. When a shoe is “welted”, it is built using the flips as a mounting point for the cleat.

Here in Brazil this is called palmilhado. But beware: brazil’s footwear manufacturing there is very considers the turns as adornment. The soles come pre-glued to a welt with stitching false.

One of the ways to manufacture footwear with the flips is with the Goodyear welting machine, in the construction of Goodyear Welted.

The name comes from Charles Goodyear, Jr, the inventor of the first machine that made it possible to replicate the technique to follow the hand, because before the shoes could only be hand welted.

This is considered to be one of the ways more noble of the manufacture, producing a shoe that is robust and resistant.

How is done the shoe construction Goodyear Welted?

Construction Goodyear is composed of the following elements:

  • Upper: cowhide leather
  • Lining: Lining
  • Insole: Insole assembly. Is different of removable insoles, which are placed after
  • Steel Shank: A piece of metal (or wood) to give support to the foot
  • Cork filling: Filling of cork that fills the gap created by the process at the same time it dampens
  • Welt Stitch: Stitching that attaches the insole assembly, leather, lining and turns
  • Welt: welt
  • Leather sole: leather or any other material
  • Rubber outsole: when a shoe has extra layer of rubber in addition to the leather
  • Sole stitch: Stitching that joins the welt and the soles