L.K.Bennett Black Ribbon Spring-Summer 2014: a Signature “Concerned” about The Details

You know my passion for shoes, so I I could not resist to show you this capsule collection the British firm L.K. Bennett Seemingly simple designs that make them unique to walk your feet in the most stylish way with simple details,.

Linda Bennett He was the founder of the firm. She became fashionable heel kitten (short and fine) that celebrities could not resist. In this capsule collection L.K.Bennett Black Ribbon spring-summer 2014, We rather see vertigo (to my son that I love) heels in loaded estilazo and disarmingly female salons. My Favorites are the first image, carved into thin strips of skin models.

Divine are also the laced with the heel in the air, very structured designs of wide heel and with certain Vanguard air, but just as feminine as classrooms. There are also hollow or flat sandals with crossed instep straps medium heel.

One of the things that I like about this signature are the colors. In this line we see a dark blue and green very peculiar, a beautiful and romantic pink powder coating, In addition to the classic black and white or a combination of these colors together, a feature that I really enjoy. You can already see when show it the complete collection of the brand.a