Mango, Zara, Gloria Ortiz and Other… to Imitate Shoes

Gloria Ortiz/YSL

This of the imitations It is the order of the day. But not only the Spanish firms imitate international designers shoes as people have seen of Balmain at Zara, they own Spanish firms are copied models among them.

One of you, Paqui, a faithful reading follower of Jezebel has sent us these pictures of almost equal of two Spanish firms shoes, Mango and Gloria Ortiz. The difference between models is minimal. On the one hand, the firm Gloria Ortiz It has brought clavaditas Sandals some of YSL. They seem precious and it is good to be able to look international designs at good price.

And between Spanish brands are copied because Mango and Gloria Ortiz they have released two of the same model. Who has copied who? Because that do not know, but the difference of price Yes. Mango’s cost 29 euros and you have them in various colors: marine, leather, grey and petal; Gloria Ortiz are more expensive and cost 79 euros. Curious huh?

Gloria Ortiz (Brown) /Mango (pink bat)

I also wanted to add other models I’ve found searching the net. The fringes are still one of the trends in footwear this spring. Well, Stradivarius He did a similar version of this Italian designer sandal cowboy style Sergio Rossi.

Or these in red snakeskin shoes Zara has copied Prada. The design I love, pltaforma ahead and taconazo XXL. I have tested me and remain precious.

It is known that you one of the hallmarks of Christian Louboutin It is the Red soles of shoes. Maybe another day of shopping by White I saw some black suede with red sole shoes, and it is not her first model I see. For example, Marchesa one of the signatures of fashion among the celebrities also you must have liked, because in one of their parades the models wore some peep toe similar.