Palladium Boots – An Icon of European Footwear

Everybody knows the fashion icons from the USA, as the Levi’s jeans or the Converse, however when we think in Europe it seems that only luxury brands from the head, like Burberry, Zegna or Guccy, but the continent also has your representative in the universe of the basic footwear, young and tough: the canvas boots Palladium!

The brand was founded in 1920 in Lyon, France as a factory of aircraft tires, following successfully until World War II. After this period the demand for the product fell precipitously and the Palladium decided in 1947, joining the outside rubber tyres and tarp that was the inner part, to create a sturdy and robust shoes. The effort was so successful that the first factory contract was with the legendary French Foreign Legion who was serving in North Africa and in need of durable and comfortable footwear that could allow the work under the heat of the desert. There was not a more perfect boot that today consecrated Pampa model of Palladium, since the canvas not retained heat as the leather boots and the stout rubber sole guarantee the resistance that the legionaries needed on occasion.

Currently the Palladium is investing again in countries like USA, Germany, UK and the Netherlands, among other places, are already served by brand. The iconic boot Pampa and the Baggy, whose pipe can be folded down, now appear in different colours and materials, although the traditional design will remain the same for years, proving that the formula of 1947 still getting good results, because it is not difficult to find young people in various part of the world that separate their Palladium.

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Unfortunately, Brazil still have no official store brand and even e-commerce options not yielded anything in the search I did, so stakeholders can take advantage of a trip abroad to buy your or ask a relative or friend who lives in the United States to send a couple via UPS, FEDEX or similar. The values are from 60 dollars.