Sets 2015: Moccasin in the Brazilian Brands

Comfort! Comfort! Comfort! Everyone wants nice shoes!

A model of shoe in shoes Trends 2015 that the brands are betting for this season is the moccasin.

He let the casual look more stylish, is that stripped a little more chic.

Who wants a more timeless, color should opt for more neutral colors, like black, Brown, Burgundy, caramel, blue, beige.

To dare, there are no limits! Suuper coloridinhos, with different patterns, textures, prints. The Brazilian market has brought diverse options, from classic to “modern”.

Today’s post brings you a selection of the models of Brazilian brands. Everything that’s available on the market to help the feet more frenzied.

Moccasin in a way most basic

The most classic designs are for those who have a more conservative style, classic dressing. The great advantage in this kind of moccasin is timeless being. Depending on the modeling and/or material, can vary between more or less formal. The more neutral colors, most basic are easy to combine. The earthy tones, the black makes the most conservative moccasin. Red, blue adds color to look with moderation. The wine is pure elegance in moccasin feet!

A basic way is hard to Miss! Just add the basics and ready! Skinny pants with a white shirt. For the most elegant models, a proper tailoring trousers and a t-shirt.

Modern moccasin

Bright, with a mix of colors, textures, patterned, with applications with detached and franjinhas details. These templates are for those who want to bring irreverence. Great for someone who loves to do experiments, create your looks of the day in a special way and daring. Is the casual flashy feet!

The most important thing for any footwear work is to combine with the personality/style of the person. Who pants, needs to feel safe with the choices. It’s the first premise for any shoe look great in any season, in any proposal for a look.

The most important fashion tip is to wear them without socks.

And that moccasin you want to see in your foot? More basic or flippant? Which of these are most fond? Share opinion, comments, suggestions.