Shoes Autumn/Winter 08-09 Collection of Paco Gil

As they say, we have not started almost summer and we are already thinking in the Collections and proposals for next winter. And it is that in a matter of fashion, everything goes very advanced, as well as the desire that we have to see what is going to take. And if in addition to speak of Paco Gil, one of the best Spanish firms, and one of my favorites, then we know that the issue we are going to try is shoes.

Babylon, I present the autumn-winter 08-09 collection that you are going to go crazy over a. A collection, as always, spectacular, marked by gentle flashes of Tweed, acharoladas proposals and skins of different hues that hug each other forming a patchwork shouting of freeing your mind! Boots, shoes and boots inspired by the hippie neo melodies where you can breathe a more chic disorder.

Futuristic designs, loaded with sophistication and elegance, they reach their maximum in the pure lines of the lasts and the originality of materials. No doubt, the most cosmopolitan proposal of Paco Gil. And best of all, it’s very comfortable shoes, I tell you that I have several pairs.

These three designs are my favorite whole collection: grey is an ankle peep toe tip and with the Open instep. Black patent lace-up leather, high heel shoe, is very stylish; and the spoils of half-height combined in patent leather and skin. Perfect to wear with jeans and skirt, and it is when choosing footwear must be thinking in our wardrobe to make him the most. And it is that that you invest in a good pair of shoes, wear them.

Patent leather, suede, leather, napa, Lycra and metallic skins they are the materials used for the originals and hiperfemeninas creations for the next season. Fine lasts sharp and wide heel, square-tipped and is that we we have the return of the elegant little wide heel. Heeled boots of needle XXL, the classic of all winter, and my favorite, in shades of gray, Brown, and how no black classic.

The shoes of Paco Gil It is deeply sophisticated, a daring chic elegance and some futuristic purity. In addition, continuous fashion of the peep toe, i.e. tip with the finger in the air.

Sophisticated your feet and dress them to fashion.