Shoes Perfumed of Sara Navarro

Did you think that you had seen it all in shoes? Not really. And but read carefully. The designer Sara Navarro He has created several models of scented shoes. This means goodbye to the bad smell. Many times we think it may be the material of the shoe, sometimes that we are, but this time this dilemma is over.

An original idea that manifests itself in three scents, each corresponding to a different line: the glamorous line Season, street and party designs, smells to Cherry, It is also its corporate color; Kurhapies, models more comfortable, elegant and artisans to gardenia, and the catalog for bride, as not Orange Blossom.

Since the signing, they ensure that the scent is very nice, soft but durable. How to permeate the smell has not been disclosed, but the firm reviewed the aroma seeps into the sole of the shoe through an avant-garde system that makes that in addition to spreading the smell, it will endure in time. This makes that, in addition to the sole, also smell all shoe.