Wood Tampon: Models and Tips to Tear Down

You may not really enjoy the vintage style, but when you like a trend you definitely want to see it back or feel that fashion bitterness when you leave. The wooden clog had already reached its peak before and as it pleased, came back in a different century but with the same charm.

The original model was a fever in the 70’s and the summer 2016 fashion is not her first post-locking appearance in the closet.In the 90’s we had a similar fever and with a huge highlight for all types of footwear with wooden heels.The 2016 fashion is a little more timid and brings the back clogs more discreet, without so much detail and this makes the footwear even easier to match.

Wooden tampon and mule: new trends!

And raise your hand who has never had a 90’s wood clog with thumbtacks!Today is super tacky but at the time it was a fever in every foot in the best of street style.It even had another fashion name: clog, as it is known the English clog and is almost identical with our Brazilian model, with the difference that there they love prints and the Brazilians prefer many more models that combine with everything.

And if you are a fan of wood heels, you can also enjoy the mule, a new fever on the feet of women. The model is very similar to the wooden clog in the 90’s but with some differentials that mix the delicacy of the tip of the escarpin but covering the almost full foot. It has the face of a female social shoe but always leaves the heel on display. He may or may not have the wooden heel and gets a charm to use in day to day with social look.

The wooden clog and the mule shoe have a lot more in common than you can imagine.In addition to being visually similar on the feet are also both a fashion back 70s around here when the two models reached their peak.One of the differentials is that the mule was hippie fashion reference, while the clog was not so acclaimed so.

How to use wood wedge?Looks

In trousers

The best tip of the fashionistas not to err is if your clog is closed the loose pants look better.It brings back the 70’s fashion with the mouths loose and the models covering the ankle.The looser the better, but remembering that the bell mouth and the models dragging on the floor are not in fashion.

With tight and short pants can also but the footwear will give a weight in the visual, so opt for sweaters and lighter coats.The feet will draw enough attention and this is the proposal: highlight on the bottom.

Of course, choose well which tight pants you will wear. If you are overweight do not opt ​​for the super-fair models because the higher length will bring out the wide hips. Plus size wearers should be given extra attention with wide clothing at the top so as not to be disproportionate. Important tip: If you have broad shoulders try to use neckline models that do not stand out the shoulders and emphasize the visual trapeze.

Mixing trends is always an option coming if you feel safe and comfortable with the proposal. You know that your hippie ripped slacks and your social coat of work? Put it all together with your wooden clog and create your own, functional style.

With dresses

Is there a more casual combination than a wooden heel and dress? It is simple to unite the two models but always thinking of a casual look, never for formal events. The wooden clog does not go well with party dresses, graduation and weddings, so for events like this one should really be ruled out.

With dresses, having a print or not, always remember that your shoes are a bit ‘heavy’ in the look and so seek harmony.The lighter, happier and smoother the fabric the better for the look.The floral and the unique single color are great with this type of look.

With shorts and skirts

It is the famous combination of fashion with comfort.It’s not because leaving home is simple that everything needs to be without style, does not it?Both micro, mini shorts and shorts fall well with this type of footwear and leave you feeling that you are super comfortable.Just do not forget that for long walks may not be the most comfortable shoe, opt for a not so high jump.

Combining or not your wooden clog with the bag?

Both on this and other blogs and websites you must have read something about shoes and handbags should not necessarily be the same color.This type of combination stayed there in the 90s, when belt, shoe and bag were always the same color.Today the fashion is super free of standard combinations and the more colors you have in the better look.However, if you do not feel secure, you can use a more formal combination such as purse and shoe of the same color or at least the same shade, such as light brown purse and dark brown wood clog.When in doubt, the black bag will always be your best friend and matches everything.

Where to buy wood clogs?

In addition to shopping malls in your city and malls you have good options online like Dafiti.com (with progressive discounts on many days of the week, it’s worth keeping up with the online store every day), Catwalk, C & A and some sites that are not so Known for selling shoes as such but as options for security in buying as Submarino, Americanas, among others.

The prices of wooden clogs vary a lot, ranging from R $ 60 to over R $ 500 of great brands like Arezzo, Miu Miu, Prada, among others. But attention: it is a striking footwear, so opting for many models can be a risk because we should not have more than one season with the same trend. Variety is good, but will not always have more than one use.