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The Significance of The Russian Ring Necklace

It is inspired by Russian culture and My Name Necklace has designed many variations of the traditional Russian wedding ring that you can wear every day. Discover the meaning behind this Russian tradition and explore new and special ways to celebrate the meaning of love.


OPINIONS BEHIND RUSSIAN RING NECKLACEWhat does this necklace with 3 rings mean? It originates from the Russian wedding ring. The Russian wedding ring consists of three fastened rings which are usually of white, rosť and yellow gold and which are worn on the right hand. The three rings symbolize the holy trinity of the Orthodox Church or the couple's past, present and future. Choosing a Russian ring jewelry can have a special meaning for the couple who want to celebrate their cultural heritage and who admire their culture. From the Russian tradition of Russian ring jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings have been created.A MODERN TWIST


Many traditional Russian couples personify their rings by engraving the rings which creates a bond between the bride and groom. A Russian necklace with a ring can become even more meaningful by personalizing the jewelry with special messages. In addition to the classic ring that is paired with white, rosť and yellow gold, there are many unique styles of Russian ring necklace. Some styles have a color on the entire ring such as rosť gold, gold or silver instead of three different colors. They can also include diamonds, an irregular ring, 3d curved models, thinner or thicker rings, stamped models or 2 to four rings instead of the classic model with 3 rings.


A LOVE SYMBOLA Russian ring necklace is both timeless and innovative. This modern and minimal model creates glamor for your everyday style. Russian ring necklace with two rings is a modern version of the traditional model. This necklace with two rings has two tags that can be engraved and personalized. Give it meaning with your name and the name of a loved one and create an adorable gift for yourself or someone special. Russian ring necklace with engraving in 18k gold plating is a necklace with interconnected rings with up to three tags that can be engraved. It can be personalized with your children's names or with the names of three best friends!


A traditional Russian ring represents strength, flexibility and true love. Necklace for Mother - 3 Brick necklace is a perfect representation of love and a new twist to the classic Russian ring. It has up to three tiles that can be engraved and personalized with three names of your loved ones or with three words that mean a lot to you. Russian Ring Necklace in silver - Curved 3D Design is a cool and original model for the classic Russian ring with a unique 3D design. Personalize it with up to three engravings and represent the timeless bond between two lovers.

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