Accessory Shoe: Shoe Clips (Shoe Clip), to Change Without Changing the Shoe

Find a versatile shoe that goes with just about everything and be suitable for all occasions (including the more formal) is not easy. You know the one shoe that can use night, day, holidays, work?

Not always the basic black or nude shoe can meet all styles. And buy a shoe for every event that appear, really, can’t nobody. What if you could have an affordable way of making a shoe more elegant?

The idea is to use the so-called shoe clips (clips of shoe). The shoe clips is an adornment of shoe that can be placed or removed at any time. Is an accessory that works as a sort of shoe brooch. The system to trap is similar to clip (or joke).

The accessory (shoe clips) has a transformative effect. Eliminates monotony, brings elegance and a different look with the introduction of the shoeclips. And don’t think it’s just to put on the front of the shoes. There are options that can be placed on the side and, even, on the back of the shoe.

Is an excellent alternative for those who need a more elegant shoe for an event and you don’t want to spend. Just get that basic shoe in the closet, put the shoe, the shoe wins another style.

This type of accessory is used in the United States, United Kingdom. The event type is used the clips is marriage, both invited, with brides. Can be made of various sizes, various types of materials, formats. The shoe clips that seem to blow (with those bright, Crystal pedrarias) is what many women appreciate. There are patterns of fabric, flower-shaped … And even those that give a funny comic effect to the shoe.

You can change the peep toe, the escarpim, the shoe …

n the US, a couple of clips costs on average $20.00 (USD). In Brazil, it’s hard to find them. So who if enable, an alternative is to buy via eBay (International website). And, there are those who, rather than buy the clips into the project “do it yourself” (diy) and create your own.

You can have only one basic shoe, smooth … Every time I change the shoes clips, the pair of shoes totally changes of style. A creative and intelligent way of updating the shoe and the wardrobe without spending with more pairs of shoes.

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