Atlantic City, New Jersey

Guide to Atlantic City: how to get there and where to stay, what to see and where to go in the evening. The best things to do in Atlantic City: fresh reviews and photos, places to see, branded entertainment and shopping.

According to toppharmacyschools, Atlantic City is a popular coastal city in New Jersey. Popular primarily because gambling is allowed here. And secondly (and so it was many years before) – because there are excellent beaches and a developed entertainment industry. Atlantic City is a great opportunity to relax and unwind without traveling too far from major cities, and Philadelphia residents often come here for the weekend.

The most popular way to see the city is to walk along the six-kilometer boardwalk, the oldest in the United States and, according to some sources, the first in the world to be lined with wooden parquet. It houses five of the eight local casinos, many hotels, recreation centers, shops, etc. In addition, along the promenade you can go to one of the piers, each of which has its own entertainment. On the Steel Pier there is an amusement park with slides, games and catering eateries. And Garden Pier, along with the Atlantic City Art Center, is known as a center of culture and art.

The most popular way to see the city is to walk along the six-kilometer boardwalk, the oldest in the United States and the first in the world to be lined with wooden parquet.

For those who do not really want to walk, it is offered to rent one of the retro chairs on wheels on the promenade. These chairs are carried back and forth along the promenade by experienced guides who are waiting for passengers day and night. The cost of the trip depends on the distance (plus a tip).

How to get there

Atlantic City International Airport is located about 15 km west of the city, but it only accepts Spirit flights. It will be more convenient to fly to Philadelphia, and then get there by train or by car (an hour’s journey). Philadelphia International Airport is located 95 kilometers west of Atlantic City. You can also get to the city by direct train from New York, using the Northeast Corridor from Penn Station to Trenton. And besides, Greyhound buses run on schedule directly to some Atlantic City casinos from New York (a little over two hours), Philadelphia and Washington.

A bit of history

In fact, from the very moment of its foundation, Atlantic City was destined from above to become a tourist city. It was founded in the late 19th century in this capacity after the railroad companies built a branch line between Absecon Island (on which the city stands today) and Philadelphia. In the early period of urban history, Philadelphia citizens traveled to Atlantic City, and the city reached its peak of popularity in the first half of the 20th century, but then fell out of fashion. The revival of the city was served by a referendum in 1976, which legalized the gambling business here, after which casinos began to appear along the promenade and in the marina area, like mushrooms after rain.

Attractions and attractions in Atlantic City

Most of the sights of the city are somehow tied to the promenade. At the corner of the boardwalk and New Jersey Avenue is the Atlantic City Historical Museum. You can look here if there are no more interesting options, and look, for example, at the huge Mr. Peanuts. And the monument to Monopoly is on the corner of the boardwalk and Park Place, and yes, it is dedicated to the same Monopoly, the most popular board game in the world. The fact is that the names of the streets in the original game duplicate the names of the real streets of Atlantic City.

The Absecon Lighthouse on Rhode Island Avenue was built in 1857 and still remains the tallest in New Jersey. Those who overcome the 228 steps to the top will have a wonderful view of the Jersey coastline. And the Atlantic City Aquarium and Ocean Life Center is on North Hampshire Avenue. There are eight huge aquariums, artifacts from sunken ships, etc.

Another entertaining attraction in Atlantic City is Lucy the Elephant. That is, in fact, this is not an elephant, but a building that only looks like an elephant. It was purposely built this way in 1881 and is today listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building stands on Atlantic Avenue in nearby Margate and offers half-hour tours.

Tourists should keep in mind that only Atlantic City has a gambling permit – in general, they are prohibited in New Jersey.

Entertainment in Atlantic City includes a fair amount of variety shows. This city seems to be specially created for all kinds of concerts and tours. The central place where all the fun happens is Broadwalk Hall. You can see everything here, up to the boxing championship: the fun in Atlantic City never ends. And the city’s most accessible show is the Water Show at The Pier Shops, a large mall that was built on what was once an industrial pier. The show is only 10 minutes long, but quite entertaining. It includes a play of colors, singing fountains and music. This show, by the way, is free to the public and starts every hour. In order to get here, go to the Arcades from the promenade and go to the ocean.

Be sure to check out Doc’s Oyster House. This Atlantic Avenue oyster restaurant opened in 1897 and has since continued to offer excellent seafood dishes, exactly the same as those on its very first menu.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the beach, which adjoins the central part of the city. A lot of resort hotels go right on it. The beach is suitable for swimming, surfing and fishing. In addition to the main city, there are several good beaches south of Atlantic City, including Ocean City, Wildwoods and Cape Mary. Each of them has its own promenades and entertainment, restaurants, shops and souvenir shops.


Atlantic City is home to the world’s oldest family-owned fudge business: Steel’s Fudge. Steele has two establishments on the Atlantic City boardwalk, and you simply have to go there and grab your friends this delicacy or the toffees, cookies and candies that they also make.

Atlantic City, New Jersey