Belgium Travel Destinations

There is much to see in historic Belgium.

There is much more to little Belgium than Brussels and the EU’s headquarters. In the multicultural cities you can admire the sights in a historical setting and indulge in the European style.

Bilingual euro area

According to countryaah, Belgium in Western Europe is a small country with about 10 million inhabitants. Surrounded by France, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, the country is known as the center of Europe: the capital of the country, Brussels, is the seat of the EU.

Bilingual Belgium is divided into Flemish in the north-west, where Flemish is spoken, and Walloon in the south of France. The third province of the country is the Brussels Capital Region. Belgium has 60 kilometers of coastline in the North Sea – beautiful sandy beaches can be found, for example, in the holiday town of Ostend.

Belgium 3

The capital, Brussels, is full of witty cartoon characters.

Chocolate and mussels are local delicacies

Belgium is especially known for its traditional chocolate delicacies, which are also the most popular gift for tourists. In every village and town you will find numerous small chocolate shops where you can taste handmade chocolate confectionery and pastries.

Due to its location, Belgian food culture has been influenced by many European countries, but the influence of French cuisine is best seen. In Belgium, a lot of fish and seafood is eaten.

The local specialty is moules et frites – mussels and french fries. The Belgians say that French fries are their invention. The food is good but also relatively expensive. Gourmet meals are usually rinsed down with a local beer.

Good to know about Belgium

Belgium is suitable for an urban tourist who enjoys delicacies and culture, but connoisseurs of history and politics also remain satisfied in the country. Thanks to the short distances, the country is easy to explore thoroughly, from small villages to big cities and beach resorts.

In Belgium, both French and Dutch are spoken – when moving in different places, multilingualism must be taken into account and city names must be learned in both languages. Brussels is spoken mainly in French and Dutch in the northern Flemish province. England is also doing well in international Belgium.

Belgium has a coastal climate with mild winters and relatively cool and rainy summers. The best time to travel to Belgium is the summer season from May to September – when the country is experiencing the biggest rush of tourists.

Short for BE by abbreviationfinder, Belgium is a safe tourist destination, but in large cities, it’s a good idea to hold your bag tightly to pickpockets.

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The city’s main square, Grand Place, is popular all year round.

Flying directly to Brussels

The easiest way to travel to Belgium from Finland is to fly directly to Brussels – there are good connections to the European Policy Center. Finnair flies direct flights from Helsinki to Brussels. In addition, Ryanair operates from Turku to Charleroi Airport, which is about an hour’s drive from Brussels.

At its cheapest, a one-way flight to Belgium can be obtained in just a few dozen. If the idea of ​​flying is haunting, of course you can also make a boat and car trip to Belgium via Germany.

Accommodation from one end to the other

Belgium offers many different levels of accommodation to suit all budgets. The most expensive hotel accommodation is in the capital, Brussels, while in smaller villages and towns, the nightclub taxes less than the wallet.

There are a lot of business hotels in Brussels that are quite expensive. Of course, even cheaper options can be found from inns to hostels. During the summer, and especially when traveling during the European holidays in August, it is a good idea to book accommodation well in advance.

The train takes you everywhere

In cities like Brussels, public transport with trams and metros works well, in smaller places it works well on foot or by bicycle.

It is easy to make day trips from Brussels to other cities. In a small country, the distances last a maximum of a couple of hours. Belgium has an excellent railway network, so the train ride takes you conveniently around the country. The trains are punctual, comfortable and modern.

Car rental is also convenient in Europe – you can also easily explore Belgium’s neighboring countries with your own rental car.

In Belgium, cycling is popular and bicycles can be rented at several locations. The northern province of Flanders is ideal for cycling, and cycling is the best way to explore the local countryside.


The Manneken Pis Statue is one of the most famous sights in Brussels.

Brussels, the capital of the EU

The Belgian capital, Brussels, is known as the city of EU officials, but it also offers a lot of experiences for the tourist. Multicultural about half a million inhabitants, Brussels has plenty of attractions and fun activities.

The heart of Brussels is Grande Place, where many events and concerts are held. In the cafés and restaurants of the square you can enjoy local beer and delicious food – however, the best restaurants in the city can be found on Rue des Bouchers. There are plenty of bars and discos in Brussels and live music can be heard in many places.

The capital’s mascot is the Manneken Pis – piss boy. The small statue is only about 60 inches high, but still catches the eye of tourists – especially on public holidays, when the statue is dressed in fancy outfits.

City break in Antwerp

Antwerp is considered to be the coolest city in Belgium – instead of history or politics, the youthful city focuses on art, architecture and fashion. Antwerp is a great place to shop for travelers looking for designer clothes, gems and art. The city also has an upscale zoo.

There are also plenty to see in the fashion center, as you can admire the magnificent cathedrals and art galleries in Antwerp. There is plenty of life in the city of culture from morning to night, and clubs party until the wee hours.

Romantic Bruges

The Flemish province is home to the medieval city of Bruges, where you can admire magnificent bridges and canals. With its historic setting, Bruges is like being created for love holidaymakers chasing romance.

Hailed as the most beautiful city in Belgium, Bruges keeps the visitor busy with its lively market and numerous attractions. The central square Markt with its restaurants and medieval buildings is a good place to start exploring the city.

The medieval atmosphere of Ghent

Art, history and museums – all this is provided by medieval Ghent in the province of Flanders. The atmospheric Ghent, often overshadowed by the more famous Belgian cities, is a great stopover for tourists touring Europe.

During the busiest tourist season, Ghent is worth a visit because there are fewer visitors than in Bruges, for example.


Gourmet waffles are a Brussels classic that are sold all over the city.


The best travel destinations in Belgium

  1. Brussels
  2. Bruges
  3. Antwerp
  4. Gent
  5. Oostend

The best experiences in Belgium

  1. Admire the medieval atmosphere of Antwerp and Ghent.
  2. Treat yourself to handmade chocolate as well as mussels and french fries.
  3. Experience the euro city of Brussels with its attractions and entertainment.
  4. Hike along the romantic bridges of Bruges.
  5. Spend a Central European beach holiday in Ostend.

The disadvantages of Belgium

  1. The price level in Belgium varies – the most expensive is in Brussels.
  2. The weather can be unstable, with lots of rain in the fall and winter.