Beverly Feldman Collection Spring-Summer 2009

Beverly Feldman, for those who do not know is an American designer, based in Alicante, with stores in Ibiza and New York, whose shoes stand out for their showmanship, eccentricity and innovation. She has a motto: “Too much is not enough” (too much never enough) and with that summarizes their collections.

His footwear is designed for women who want to stand out, which like the shoes sexy and comfortable. His shoes have become authentic articles of collection e, even, Beverly has projected its own Museum buying their creations more vintage on Ebay.

Feldman has decided to dedicate a passionate summer, with whimsical designs that it will delight his hardcore followers and all those that you are willing to discover the designer innnovadora.

Heels media designs of salon, with round tips and peep toe, retro-inspired, decorated with pop flower or animal prints and maxi-butterflies as protagonists.

Divine are the mules in before blue klein medium heel, perfect for the day.

And as said before, and as in all his seasons, the print feline is very present, both Tiger and Leopard, and even fun accompanied by all the animals of the jungle shoes, as if it were an urban jungle.

Also highlights this season the combination white-blue marine, that is, the style sailor. Some of them also come with sequins, to give a chic touch. In other red flowers are the protagonists. Sandalis colors strips or with fasscinantes roses or striking gems.

A collection Spring-Summer 2009 loaded with glamorous models, sexy and stylish, that is how you could define this sample, risky style, and where your shoes will be the protagonists of the East summer.


| Aisle Style . Cast & Crew

| Aisle Style . Cast & Crew