Chachak, Serbia

Located 140 km south of Belgradethe city of Chachak is an important center of Orthodox religious tourism and pilgrimage – in its vicinity there are more than 20 monasteries and churches of exceptional cultural value. The Ovcar-Kablar mountain range, at the foot of which the city lies, is called the Holy Mountain of Serbia Athos – numerous medieval monasteries are located on its slopes – a stronghold of Orthodoxy in the Balkans. There are also many historical churches in Chachak itself (some date back to the 12th century), and here you can also visit the excellent National Museum. Holidays in Cacak, if desired, can easily be combined with treatment at the neighboring thermal spas Gornja Trepca, Ovčar Banya and Slatinska Banya. In addition, the surroundings of the city are the best suited for ecotourism, outdoor activities and just relaxing on the picturesque banks of the Western Morava.

The three main thermal spas in the region are Gornja Trepca, Ovčar Banya and Slatinska Banya.

How to get to Chachak

The distance of 140 km separating Čačak from Belgrade is best covered by bus. It should be borne in mind that the mountainous terrain greatly lengthens the travel time – get ready to spend 2.5 to 3 hours on the trip. The ticket will cost about 700 RSD. Buses depart from Belgrade’s main bus station BAS, the schedule is respected.

Chachak has its own railway station. However, it should be borne in mind that there may not be trains from Belgrade here – we strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with the schedule in advance on the website of the Serbian Railways.

Transport in the city

According to wholevehicles, Chachak is a compact city, its historical center is easy to get around on foot. To travel longer distances, you can use city buses (not the newest and most comfortable, but they run on schedule along an extensive network of routes) or taxis. Bus tickets within the city cost less than 1 EUR, sold at bus stops, newsstands or from the driver. It is cheaper to order a taxi by phone from the hotel, we recommend that you imagine the distance and the approximate cost of the trip.

Chachak Hotels

About a dozen hotels in Chachak are ready to receive guests. For a night in a “basic” boarding house or guest house they will ask about 30-40 EUR, a three-star establishment will appreciate its services at about 60-70 EUR. In any scenario, accommodation will cost no more than 90 EUR with breakfast included. If you don’t mind staying in the vicinity of Chachak, pay attention to the thermal spas in the area. There is not only a greater choice of accommodation options, but you can also take spa treatments with mineral water.

Treatment in Chachak

The Cacak region, no less than other regions of Serbia, is rich in thermal and mineral springs, and their water is skillfully used to treat a wide variety of diseases. The three main thermal spas in the region are Gornja Trepca, Ovčar Banya and Slatinska Banya.

Ovchar Banya is located at the foot of the Ovchar-Kablar mountain range, 18 km west of the town of Chachak. Soft tissue injuries, rheumatism, spondylosis and arthritis, fractures and bone injuries, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, sports injuries and skin diseases are treated here.

Slatinska Banya lies on the slope of the Elitsa Mountain, in the basin of the Banska River, 17 km from Čačak. Local sulfate alkaline water contains calcium, lithium, rubidium, strontium, barium and phosphorus. This unique composition allows you to successfully treat skin diseases and rheumatism.

Cuisine and restaurants

As elsewhere in Serbia, Čačak’s restaurants will delight guests with hearty portions of exceptionally tasty and healthy Balkan cuisine, as well as more than reasonable prices. You can have a snack during the excursion day with burek pies with potatoes or meat, as well as kefta – sausages made from ground meat. Most of the restaurants, for obvious reasons, are located in the city center, however, a tourist who has wandered to the outskirts will not remain hungry. Get ready to pay about 350-500 RSD for lunch in an average establishment, dinner in a pompous restaurant with the freshest Moravian fish will cost about twice as much.

More than twenty ancient monasteries of Chachak are happy to receive pilgrims and tourists.

Shopping and shops

Shops of tourist interest are concentrated in the historical center of the city – here you can buy souvenirs from Cacak, as well as “pan-Serbian” folk crafts: textiles with and without embroidery, household utensils made of wood with carvings, tinctures and liqueurs. There are several supermarkets in Chachak where you can find everything you need for a “non-tourist” life.

Entertainment and attractions Chachak

More than twenty ancient monasteries of Chachak are happy to receive pilgrims and tourists. The most beautiful is the monastery of the Holy Trinity, located on the forested slope of Mount Ovchar. There is no information about the date of construction or the founder, but it is believed that the monastery was built in the 2nd half of the 16th century. In the monastery church, you should pay attention to the valuable frescoes. The complex is surrounded by magnificent landscaped grounds. The Monastery of the Annunciation in Ovchar Banya is interesting for its church in an unusual “race” style (it somewhat resembles Armenian churches) and picturesque surroundings, and the monastery of St. Nicholas is not only the oldest in the area, but also boasts a valuable manuscript – the gospel of St. Nicholas. Among other interesting monasteries are John the Baptist and Transfiguration (both 16th century), Presentation, Ascension, Entry into the Temple of the Virgin Mary.

The amazing church of St. Sava is literally “built into” a rocky cleft. A steep path carved into the rock leads to it. Water from a local source is believed to help with headaches and eye diseases. It is also worth visiting the underground church in the Kadenice cave – its vaults are formed by rock.

The Čačak National Museum is located in the beautiful palace of Prince Jovan Obrenović, built in the middle of the 19th century. Its expositions tell about the history of the city and the region from the prehistoric period to the present day. Here you can see the tools of the Iron Age, household utensils of ancient Roman times, weapons and archival documents of the Serbian uprisings and the War for the Liberation of Serbia.

The Cathedral Church of the Ascension of Christ in Čačak was founded in the 12th century by Prince Stratsimir. In terms of its size, it is almost a cathedral, with a three-part altar, two bell towers and a dome 12 meters high. Here you should admire the altar painting and appreciate the richly decorated dome.

In the art galleries “Risim” and Nadezhda Petrovich, paintings by Serbian artists of the 19th and 20th centuries are exhibited, more than 600 exhibits in total.

Chachak, Serbia