Collection of Shoes From the Novel “Blood” By Bottero

Launch products associated with the novels became profitable for the brands and to broadcasters.

The marcaBottero is a frequent partner of Globe brands and has just released another collection of novel. This time, the shoes of the novel “Blood”.

There are three different types of footwear: the escarpim (“pumps”), the sneakers and sneaker. Escarpim Berry, Escarpim Tina, Honey and Sneaker Sneakers Cleo. The shoes are inspired by the women with more visibility of the novel “Blood”.

The pumps are follows three styles: stamped all plain or, just, with the textured heel. Tennis is a “cool”, to suit a more casual and urban look. Already the sneaker is great for those who love comfort and want to use the colors of fashion.

All the shoes are available in various colors and numbers. You can find them on famous shoe stores or in physical stores of cities across Brazil.

The novelty is the stamped on the jump. This is the most different from shoe collection. But, there are those people who do not want to choose “trendies” and choose shoes that are not arrested and trends that are easier to combine. This escarpim smooth matte gold is beautiful.

The shoes are beautiful and common, great for use in everyday life. Better still is if you have comfort. Comfort shoes is always great. Are they?

I want your opinion now. Like the models? Have you used Bottero? Liked it? Comment!