Disney Princess Sandals, Grendene Kids

Childhood is certainly the best part of every person’s life, it is when the imagination is free from any modesty and innocence makes everything special.  It’s hard not to find someone who does not remember a Disney drawing he was a fan of as a child, and he did not miss an episode. We grew up surrounded by charming and unforgettable characters produced by Disney, each with a different story and appeal.

Disney knows how much their children’s drawings and movies influence kids and even adults when it comes to buying certain objects. Knowing that a child is very fond of a Disney character, parents soon buy toys that are associated with Disney in some way.

They are a series of products, such as clothes, teddy bears, school supplies, dolls, hygiene products among other infinity of products that carry the Disney brand.

One of the most famous segments of Disney stories is that involving princesses who, following tradition, are good-natured, innocent and charming young women who are victims of oppression and evil plots of wicked witches who wish to do away with them. That’s the case with Snow White, Bella’s sleeping beauty, Cinderella. These are the best known princesses in the world, and they have a lot of products that take their themes as the main stamp.

Thinking about the success of their princesses is that along with Grendene, a consecrated brand of shoes in Brazil, Disney has released some  models of Disney princess sandals , especially for girls vain and fascinated by the most famous princesses in the world. Here at Localcollegeexplorer you can get more different models and styles. The Grendene Kids princess line has numbering available from 20 to 36, the colors that correspond to each princess are: Beige and Lilac – Snow White, Purple and Pink – Sleeping Beauty, Rose and Gold – Bella. The sandals are accompanied by a toast, which is a watch of the same color as the sandal.

On the site Shoebiz.com you can find great  prices of Disney princess sandals , as in the case of the Princess Bella Sandal, with the value: From $ 54.99 For $ 39.99 or with the option of installment up to 2x in the Credit card of R $ 20 without interest. Still on the site it is possible to buy a Snow White slipper worth R $ 19.90 and also a boot of the princess line for only R $ 37.99. Visit the Shoebiz website and check out the products.

On the Webbabies.com website it is also possible to  buy sandals from the Grendene princesses , from R $ 24,90 to R $ 17,33 at sight. Just choose the character of preference of the child and buy the sandal.

Access the website of Centauro.com is also available two models of Grendene Princesses in the value Of: R $ 19,90 By: R $ 14,90. The Grendene sandal models are extremely comfortable and safe for children, one more reason for the country to purchase this good.

Also access the site of collective purchases like the Mercadolivre.com or the site  muccashop.com and check out the products of the line Grendene kids available for the purchase.

Now that you know where to buy this product, do a search of the prices and models available and give the girls who are fans of these wonderful stories, as is the story of the princesses.