Espadrilles: Airy-Light Summer Shoes

Spring is here, the summer seems to be near and the hot sundays are finally on the advance. The matching shoes for this joyful lifestyle: classic espadrilles !
Light airy at the foot and in every imaginable colourful color, these comfortable beach flasks just always have a good mood.

But what exactly are espadrilles and what is the current trend to the sweet hatching shoes? In the following article you will find everything you need to know about the comfortable Must-Have summer shoes!

And: At the end of this post I even tell you how you can easily create the fashion classics with only a few accessories.

Espadrilles: Cult shoes with history

Unbelievable but true: the origin of espadrilles actually reaches back to the fourteenth century.Already at this time, light summer shoes were made of air permeable natural fibers in Catalonia.

Among the characteristics of espadrilles is their sole, which usually consists of knotted plant fibers such as flax or hemp.

The upper is made of cotton or linen.

The design of the loop shoes reminds Loafer and so the cult pieces come in their original shape without lacing.

Espadrilles are actually so deeply rooted in the Spanish culture that they are still sung to popular people in the country.Meanwhile, the casual cult shoes are known far beyond the borders of Spain and are popular all over the world.

Espadrilles: The trend

Having been worn for centuries in countries like Spain and France, espadrilles have only become more popular in Germany in the 1980s.Their status as a trendy must-have is, however, a fairly new phenomenon, which is due in the first place to a big over-fire: the French noble label Chanel.

After the brand sent their models 2013 with cream-colored espadrilles from leather to the catwalks, the shoes promptly became coveted It-Pieces.

As a result, numerous other Espadrilles labels soon appeared in their assortment and the timeless cult shoes soon became apparent in a thousand modern variants.

Today you can buy the popular shoes in almost endless forms.

These include: leather models, wedge heels and plate inserts, designs with and without lacing or knuckles, as well as striking statement pieces with colorful applications, metallic surfaces, glitter elements or animal prints.

With this almost endless selection, each fashion connoisseur finds her personal trampaar.The casual summer shoes have definitely become modern trend pieces, which are no longer worn just for the beach dress, but also make a great figure for skinny jeans and blazers or for the fluttering Boho dress!

Espadrilles: This is how you can create your own must-haves

Fashionistas, dreaming of absolutely unique espadrilles, can actually make them with just a few hands and the right equipment themselves.Brands like Prym , offer you everything you need for the shoes.

You need:

Prym espadrilles soles
Prym espadrilles lining
Prym creative yarn
Prym espadrilles basic fabric
Pins, stuffing needles, scissors

Step 1:
First you put together the outer and inner fabric of your Espadrilles on the right to the right and transfer the cut pattern (attached to the Prym soles) in your size with 1 cm close-up on the fabric.
The rear foot sections are the same for the right and left foot, while the front foot section should be careful to transfer one foot mirrored.
I also recommend you to work somewhat generously depending on the shoe size so that the favorite parts will not be too small afterwards.

Step 2:
Then, the fabric pieces are cut out and sewn together.Leave a turning opening open.At the rear foot parts at the back in the middle, at the front foot parts at the inside.The sewn foot parts are applied and carefully pressed smoothly.

Step 3:
Now you pull your pins!First you place the back, then the front part of the foot on the soles (in this case distance, as indicated on the cut pattern) and try your basic model carefully.Now is a good time to design the temporarily fixed shoe according to your dreams.Corresponding appliqués, sequins, lace frills, etc. you should sew at the latest now.

Step 4:
If the shoe fits well, remove the front part and begin sewing the back of the shoe.When both heel parts are sewn together, proceed to the next fitting.You pin the front foot back with pins and slip carefully into your design pieces.As soon as you have found the perfect fit you will sew the front part of the foot.

Step 5:
When you’re done with it, you slip into the shoes one last time and pinch the connection between the front and rear feet so tightly.Then sew together at the appropriate spot and you can already walk through the streets in your unique beach ripples.


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