Fashion Summer 2013-2014: White to Brighten Up Your Feet

The white shoes always shared many views on sets about using or not.

The white shoes for a long time was reserved for the altar or who worked in the area of health.

And, for years, a myth was created to wear white shoes was unsophisticated and often perceived as something “cheesy”.

Over time, the uses that people began to take to the white shoe refreshed the “fashion rules”. Other readings were made about the wear white shoes.

The white shoes became especially beloved in summer. It combines with all skin tones, bring boldness to your feet and brightens any look.

Certainly, it takes a little security to use it. However, the shoe brands are producing beautiful examples, making it easier to use. Forget that old idea of white shoes as something tacky. There are “things” beautiful being produced. And 2014 summer fashion reinforces the white feet.

White for that station will be present in many different types of shoes: flip-flops, sandals, flats, escarpim, espadrilhos (espadrilles/alpargatas). In a more “serious” or more casual. It’s a charm espadrilho white? It’s not true?

Of course I use the white shoe is always a personal choice. Some people don’t like it.

The most important thing is to respect your own personality. Who doesn’t like white, sometimes, can adapt very well with other neutral options, such as: sand, beige colors and shades of nude.

Break old paradigms of fashion. If you like, use the white shoe.

The site I LOVE SHOES brought this white selection to the next station. The white goes with the summer heat. Isn’t that right? What type of shoe you identified more?