If You like Be a The Latest in Footwear Learn This Word: Mule

He has not invented anything new, the mules There have been all my life, in fact, to my have always seemed to me a little footwear abuelilla, but they now back in full today. And what are the mules? High heel shoes (not too much), closed in front and destalonados at the back. Similar to the clogs but more fine and elegant. Street stick already strong as shoes, Demi-season.

Of course, one of the first stores to bring them has been Zara, that always bet for the minimalist style of the 90s:

  • Black wedges for 69.95 euros.
  • Shoe with two-tone wide heel for 59.95 euros.
  • Clogs in bronze tone, that directly come with heel bent (this gesture that we have done so many times with shoes that hurt us), by 55,95 EUR.
  • High heel clogs, by 55,95 EUR.