Latvia – a Diverse Tourist Destination with Easy Connections

An easy-to-use Finnish tourist destination offers interesting cities and stunning beach scenery. Latvia is a favorable travel destination for Finns in terms of price level and location. There is a surprising amount to see and experience in a small country.


Lots in a small package

Latvia’s strength as a tourist country is its diverse offer – it is easy to combine urban, beach and rural holidays in the country. Thanks to the short distances, moving between different types of destinations is effortless.

The capital of Latvia, Riga, is definitely the most popular tourist destination in the country. The Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in particular, is a must-visit for tourists.

Jurmala’s beach also attracts tourists – you don’t necessarily have to go further than Latvia for a beach holiday. Even on the long sandy beach, you can enjoy yourself for days, but Jurmala is just as well suited as a relaxing day trip destination for holidaymakers staying in Riga.

In addition to the beach, numerous spas are also suitable for a perfect relaxation holiday, which take care of the well-being of tourists at a fairly affordable price. The best spa offerings are near Riga and Jurmala.

Those who prefer slow tourism should get acquainted with Latvia’s natural resources. Rural scenery and lush natural parks can be conveniently admired by renting a car. For the active holidaymaker, it is worth choosing a bike as a means of transport. If there is enough energy, it is also worth exploring nature in nature reserves by hiking.

Located in northern Europe according to countryaah, Latvia is a euro country, so tourism is effortless in terms of currency as well.

Riga’s Old Town is a compact and diverse tourist destination.

Latvia is an affordable shopping country

Short for LV by abbreviationfinder, Latvia is an excellent destination for shopping. There is enough supply in Riga and the price level is affordable, except for luxury products. You can get a more exotic shopping experience by deviating to the local markets and market halls.

The familiar Stockmann and other large shopping centers can be found in Riga. In the old town you can visit small, interesting boutiques with jewelery, clothing and handicrafts, among other things.

Latvian food culture

Latvian food culture is very traditional country food with some influences from Russian cuisine. Residents eat a lot of pork, potatoes, sausage and a variety of soups. Pelmeni, for example, are a popular and inexpensive fast food.

Most restaurants serve traditional cuisine, but in the heart of Riga you can also try foreign restaurants serving Uzbek and Russian cuisine, among others. Of course, international restaurants with Italian and Japanese flavors, for example, can also be found in the street scene.

If you want, you can eat very cheaply in Latvia – in fine dining restaurants, the price level is naturally closer to Finnish prices. Many restaurants resemble beer houses in style and the portions are bulky and keep hunger away for a long time.

Latvia 2

Latvian climate

The Latvian climate is quite similar to the Finnish one. The impact of the sea on coastal areas is clear, while the hinterland has a more continental climate.

Winters are usually relatively mild with average temperatures slightly on the minus side. It is warmer in summer, for example in Riga the average temperature in the summer months is about 17 degrees.

Latvia is at its most popular in the summer. Also in late spring and early autumn, the nature is green and the weather is usually quite pleasant – albeit a bit volatile.

Latvia is also suitable for families with children

Latvia is suitable for tourists who want to combine their holidays with the hustle and bustle of the city, beaches and countryside. The destination is also great for travelers looking for an affordable pampering holiday, as the price level of the spas and restaurants is reasonable.

Latvia is also an easy destination for families with children: a short trip from Finland does not stress even the parents of small seducers. Riga has an animal park, and the beaches of Jurmala offer fun summer food for all ages. Also read tips for families with children in Riga .


The widest waterfall in Europe, Venta Waterfall in Latvia is 249 meters wide.

Latvia 3

Flights to Latvia

Flight connections from Finland to Latvia are good – Finnair and Air Baltic operate direct flights from Helsinki to Riga. You can also easily fly to other parts of Europe via Riga: the Latvian national airline AirBaltic flies to many destinations.

Riga Airport is located about ten kilometers from the city center, from where the journey continues easily by bus or taxi.

You can also enter Latvia via Tallinn by land. Many Finnish tourists make a trip to Via Baltica and rush to the place with their own car, but public transport also works. The bus journey from Tallinn to Riga takes just over four hours.