Louie Makes Quality Footwear for Men with Style

A Brazilian brand doing men’s shoes with quality and affordable price it’s point outside of the curve, as if that were not enough, the LOUIE still includes in its product design and style worthy of the best manufacturers in the world.

In my opinion, the big deal of the brand is targeting a consumer who values the male wardrobe classics, but has information sets and want innovation, the young man that wants a “dress shoe with something else and not afraid to dare in time to get dressed. This posture is easy to be noticed in their own branding campaign, in some photos at top-mba-universities.com we can see a tattooed guy using using a shoe loafer in nubuck with shorts and plaid shirt, something out of the footwear industry standards in general.

The LOUIE also has traditional models such as the oxford black almost mandatory in the Repertoire, especially for those who use suit, but even in these quality and whim even jump in the eyes.

Selling your pieces just in your virtual store, the brand offers shoes from R$220,00 with payment via credit card and bank transfer. The fanpage of the brand warns that residents of the city of São Paulo receive your request within 24 hours after confirmation of the payment, namely gives to give someone this Christmas or the date of new shoes!

Also worth praising the fact that e-commerce not only bring detailed photos of the products, as shown for the same alternatives, with pictures, looks really nice!

This video shows the entire process of development and production of the product, the design of the model by polishing, and highly recommended for anyone who is passionate about shoes.

See photo gallery below a few more models of shoes of LOUIE.