The Most Beautiful Hiking Trails in the Alps

The Circular Hiking Trail in the Oberallgäu

Experience untouched nature, feel the freshness of the air in your lungs, explore wonderful, deep green valleys, admire crystal clear mountain lakes: hiking is one of the favorite activities of Germans in their free time. The Alpine region in particular attracts thousands of hikers every year. You can read below which are the most beautiful hiking trails in the Alps.

Hiking in the Dolomites, an experience in every season.

When visiting beautiful South Tyrol, the northernmost region of Italy, visitors cannot avoid gazing at the beautiful Dolomites. The so-called Dolomiten Höhenweg No. 8, which leads from Von Brixen to Salurn, is particularly popular with hiking enthusiasts. Here, the beauty of the gigantic mountain world is combined with the traditions and cultures of the residents, who you will enjoy in small alpine restaurants on your hike.

The Kalkwanderweg in Upper Austria

The Kalkalpenweg, which connects the Ennstal with the Dead Mountains near Hinterstoder, is one of the longest and most beautiful hiking trails in the Alpine region with its 150 km route. Stop for a rest on your way and experience the beauty of the limestone mountains on impressive vantage points. The hiking trails are thematically structured in 11 stages and offer every hiker exciting opportunities for discovery.

The run hiking trail in Oberallgäu also leads you on 11 stages through its beautiful and untouched nature. Discover the Allgäu with deep rocky gorges, fantastic waterfalls and gigantic mountain walls in all its facets on more than 200 km of route.

The Engadiner Höhenweg

The Engadiner Höhenweg offers its visitors a hike with contrasts. In addition to wonderful panoramic spots, the hiking trail also includes rough, naturally formed paths, paths through meadows, steep climbs and fantastic lakes and thus offers hikers a true adventure.

The Way of St. James in Tyrol

In contrast to the Camino de Santiago in Spain, visitors to the Camino de Santiago do not expect streams of pilgrims and overcrowded paths, but here, too, small chapels and churches adorn the path and offer every hiker a great change from the beautiful nature that surrounds the path.

Die Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the most popular hiking trails in the Alps. The 170 km hiking trail leads through three countries. Hikers can both admire the beauty of France and delight in the great nature in Italy and Switzerland. On this hiking trail, which can usually be conquered in 7-10 days, visitors have to conquer around 10,000 meters in altitude.

The Jura heights hiking trail in western Switzerland

The Jura hiking trail is one of the first hiking trails through Switzerland. Adorned with wild forests and crystal clear streams, hikers can leave a 300 km hike behind them in a good 90 hours.

Circumnavigating the Großglockners

The gigantic Großglockner, with its height of 3,798 meters, is probably the highest mountain in Austria. When walking around this summit, visitors can not only admire the beautiful flora of Austria, but also experience billy goats, wild chamois and the traditional golden eagle in their natural wilderness.

The green Via Alpina in Liechtenstein

The Via Alpina in Liechtenstein is not called “the green way” for nothing. Cross the Rhine Valley and let yourself be shown the charming traditions and customs on the route through five cantons of Switzerland!

The Gastein Valley as a top destination for hiking enthusiasts

On a hike through the nature park of the Gastein Valley, hikers get to know and love the fascinating world of the Hohe Tauern. Traditional farms and the fascinating Alpine panorama make this hiking trail an absolute highlight, while in the evening numerous thermal baths invite tired hikers to relax right on the edge of the path.

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