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El Nido is another popular beach destination in the Palawan area and for good reason. In addition to the stunning scenery, some of El Nido’s accommodations aim for sustainable tourism.

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Flights to the Philippines

There are no direct flights from Finland to the Philippines, but all flights have at least one change of aircraft. The plane can be changed in Doha, Hong Kong or Singapore, for example, and there are also good air connections to the Philippines from other Asian cities.

Although only a small percentage of the Philippine Islands have their own airport, the number of airports in the archipelago still rises to hundreds. The most popular is to arrive at either Manila or Cebu Airport and continue on local flights to the archipelago. Local Low Cost Airline Cebu Pacific flights may not be booked at the same time as international flights, so they should usually be booked separately from the airline’s website. Domestic flights are also operated by Philippine Airlines.

The cheapest flights from Finland to the Philippines cost around 500–600 euros. The duration of the trip can easily increase to more than 20 hours with the change, which is why it is worth booking a couple of days to travel.

Hotels and accommodation in Philippines

The largest islands in the Philippines have good opportunities for comfortable accommodation. Especially in the capital Manila there are a lot of city hotels, and in island destinations like Boracay and Mactan Island there are a lot of holiday hotels. Luxury accommodation is also available in the Philippines short for PHL by abbreviationfinder.

In addition to high-quality hotels, the archipelago also offers low-budget hostels for backpackers and more special accommodation options, such as bungalows built on the water. The value for money of hotels is often good.

The cheapest accommodation in the Philippines is 5-20 euros, but it is good to note that the level of accommodation may be modest. On average, a mid-range hotel night in the Philippines costs about 40 to 60 euros.

Getting around the Philippines

In the Philippine archipelago you can travel by plane or boat. Flights between the islands are operated by, for example, the national airlines Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. However, it is not possible to reach all the islands by plane. Ferries and boats operate between different destinations, but as a rule, flying is safer than traveling by ferry. Weather conditions can vary, and Philippine ferries have often been criticized for the scarcity of rescue equipment.

In large cities and resorts, you can get around by taxi, bus, or jeepney buses, that is, minibuses modified from jeeps used by Americans. When traveling by taxi, you should remind the driver to turn on the meter.

Buses are an affordable mode of transportation and the destination of the route can often be found on the windshield. Jeeps are also an affordable way to move from place to place. Payment in a jeep is made by giving the driver an amount of cash according to the length of the trip. Fares can be seen from the side of the jeepney or can be asked for from other passengers.


The Philippine capital, Manila, is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

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The capital of Manila

The capital of the Philippines, Manila, is located on the island of Luzon. Manila is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. A traveler can experience the real hustle and bustle of the city in Manila.

Manila is one of the entertainment centers in the Philippines. Manila was badly destroyed in World War II, but the city still has historical attractions. Manila’s most famous places to visit are the promenade, Chinatown, Fort Santiago and San Agustin Church.


Located in the central parts of the Philippine archipelago, the larger island of Cebu is a well-known holiday destination and its center is the city of Cebu, known as the second economic center of the Philippines.

On the island you can spend a relaxing holiday in the spa or an active holiday in water sports. There are also many attractions on the island, such as Fort San Pedro and the Basilica Minore Del Santo Nino. Cebu has many luxury resorts, many of which are conveniently located on Mactan Island near the airport.

Cebu can also be conveniently made for a day trip to the popular island of Bohol, known for its chocolate flowers and ghost animals.

El Nido

Located on the island of Palawan, El Nido Beach Resort is the perfect destination for those looking for a holiday in paradise. White sand beaches and rugged limestone landscapes provide the perfect setting for a beach holiday. In the vicinity of El Nido, you can go island hopping and water sports, as well as relax at the beach bars and beaches.


Boracay, known as Bilesa Island, got a new lease of life in 2018 when the island had to be closed for a while for tidying up. The island’s most famous beach, White Beach, is, as the name implies, a beautiful white sand beach. Today, casinos and parties have run out of beach, and its ecosystem is protected. The number of tourists is limited for environmental reasons.


The island of Siargao, especially known to surfers, is located in the Eastern Philippines. In Siargao you can see dense mangrove forests, green lagoons and small cozy islands that can be reached for island hiking, for example. However, Siargao is best known for its capital, General Luna, and the Cloud 9 surfing spot there, where Australian surfers in particular train in the waves.


One of the most famous destinations in the Philippines is Boracay, whose white sandy beaches have attracted more and more tourists. As the number of tourists increased, the beach became littered and had to be temporarily closed in 2018.

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The best islands in the Philippines

  1. Palawan
  2. Boracay
  3. Siargao
  4. Bohol
  5. Cebu

The best activities in the Philippines

  1. Island jumping
  2. Diving
  3. Surfing
  4. Snorkeling
  5. Shopping

The best beaches in the Philippines

  1. El Nido, Palawan
  2. Puerto Galera Bay, Mindoro
  3. White Beach, Boracay
  4. Bounty Beach, Malapascua
  5. Pagudpud, Luzon