Pretty Ballerinas, Our Most International Brand of Dancers

The Pretty Ballerinas ballerinas brand, Despite its common name, is founded in Spain, in particular, belongs to the Menorcan Mallorcan group MascarĂ³. This company began selling their dancers through its website to the world. It was so successful between famous and not famous, that it has already opened its first shop in Madrid.

Ballerinas are crazy to celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Claudia Schiffer or Kylie Minogue for their quality and design, and thus to give rest to his feet alternating heel with flat shoes.

Although the dancers have been a great classic (the great footwear Coco Chanel I used to carry them, the same as the style icon Audrey Hepburn), the great current dancers boom occurred 4 or 5 years ago from the hand of Kate Moss. For your comfort and femininity have been made a hole in our closet and are the ideal footwear for spring or autumn halftime. Right now, I wouldn’t live without them, and apparently in the Pre-Chloe Fall collection 2009, they will continue taking long.

On the website of Pretty Ballerinas the most classical dancers, in plain colors or with the typical two-color design that established Chanel, mingle with more original designs, with details of flowers, buckles, animal prints such as zebra or Python, or more bright colors like yellow, pink, silver or gold, and even, to the latest fashion, form of moccasin.

And for the Valentine’s day, rather than give the typical bouquet of flowers, which provided give some dancers with a detail of carnations in the shape of heart?. Some dancers very Spanish, and with a beautiful contrast of black and Red.

A success also as practical option of the flexible ballerinas that it is sold with bag included to fold them in half. Perfect to keep in your bag when you can not already more enduring heels.