Saltos Batalha: Louboutin x YSL (Yves Saint Laurent)

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The brand Louboutin women’s shoes are the most famous in the world.

A feature of the mark is your Red sole, which is recognized as part of your identity.

Other brands if inspired by Louboutin and, some, mimic even without any shame. Who does not remember that Christian Louboutin sued the brazilian designer Carmen Steffens per copy?

And processes many more often …

In the U.S., in a process of Louboutin against the YSL (Yves Saint Laurent), the Court held that the Red soles are a Louboutin trademark protection (trademark patent granted in 2008).

At the same time, opened up a precedent for the YSL can continue producing monochrome red-soled heels (that is, when the shoe is all red). Have another color, it seems you can’t have red sole.

The Red sole was invented by Louboutin. Other shoes had already appeared before the designer start using this as your mark in 1992. Is that a brand has the right to patent the color red on the sole.

And, here, you can think of something more serious that infects the fashion as a whole. What is the border between inspiration and imitation? Why, in fact, some models reproduce perfect copies of other brands that stand out in the market. Having only one element equal to that of other shoe ranks as a copy?

An example … At the same time, in considering any pumps a half foot (red-soled) will always be something very similar to a shoe Louboutin. But the model half a foot, or the Red sole never was a creation of designer clothing.

All this coming up in delicate discussion on copyright. Fashion also has its quirks.