Shoe That Takes the Leap Tanya Heath, Revolution in Feet.

Every woman ever wish to pull the heel of the foot. Tired, just to change the look or even make it easier to walk in a rugged floor.

It is true that many love the style without jump. But, sometimes, they simply would like to take the leap, without “ceremonies”, without needing to choose a low heel, on the other shoe.

A shoe that take the leap!

Shoe trading jump

Yes, this shoe already exists. Tanya Heath is the creator of innovative shoe. Canadian, lives in Paris for more than 20 years and was in the city of lights that took inspiration for your shoe with removable heels. Another “look about the woman’s shoes. Fantastic!

Tanya shoes Heath with removable heels

Tanya Heath was a management consultant firm in Paris in 1998. She was with comfortable shoes and changed the shoe at the Office – a leap. “But it was an unconventional practice in France at the time, and she says her co-workers teased her relentlessly.”, according to the newspaper The Globe and Mail. This experience has turned into an incredible story of entrepreneurship, with mistakes and successes. I don’t think the whole story was of success. The product was created in 2005.

The shoes began to be sold in the Printemps department store in Lyon, Paris in 2013. And today with the shoe boutique Tanya Heath Paris, there are several models of shoes and heels too!

Imagine leaving work tired and take the jumps? Or that wedding you’ve been on my feet for hours, danced and want absurdly off the jump? And even the convenience in travel? Take only one shoe in the trunk used to walk down the street or go to a party? Really, a revolutionary, versatile shoe for every occasion!

Customizing shoes with heels different

Imagine having a shoe and use several different jumps? Sounds like a great idea, huh? And, the same footwear become a shoe comfortable, softly. Still, the “little black dress” may have several colorful heels. That is, multiple possible combinations!

The brand’s slogan is: “the same shoe, different jumps, endless possibilities.” Note Some options!

How to change the heel?

You must be wondering … How does? There is an internal button in the center of the heel. Presses, slide jump! Shoes without heel! No one needs to suffer any more!

And you? What did you think of the shoe that takes the leap Tanya Heath? Buy? Leave your opinion in the comments!