Shoes Are Fashionable Jesus Canovas

You know that the shoes are my weakness. As well, after “ the manolos ” and “ the pedros ” must be added to the list “ the canovas ”. And today I am going to speak of Jesus Canovas, known worldwide for being the Shoemaker of Julio Iglesias. The firm has launched a few flashy and spectacular gem shoes covered with thousands of crystals of Swarovski, you are so beautiful.

There are models in white and black, the Yin-Yang model as in the photograph, and also with tones inverted, to play with the bag, which is equally spectacular. Elegant, glamorous, perfect to wear at the best parties, weddings, and without a doubt, on the red carpet. Jessica Parker y Victoria Beckham they have already surrendered to its charms.

But the best thing of this firm, is that you can create your own shoe and have exclusive, i.e., enjoy a copy of shoe unique in the world, a very innovative idea and that I think is fantastic. And that is why, this year the whimsical shoes are in luck, because already opened the shop in which you can access the complete catalog of the collection, see models one by one, choose materials, colors and designs, and of course to buy a pair.

Shoes jewel, female, male, accessories, belts, more than 200 items to choose from, available in various materials, colors, details, full of glamour and elegance. and all customizable to your taste, i.e., unique shoes, are done because it ensures the uniqueness of the model.

There are other models carved in raya skin, skin of iguana or ostrich skin and personalities from around the world look to them. There are even who acquires an average of 90 pairs a year, according to the own Julio Iglesias confessed. Amaizing i!