Shoes Fetish

Hello guys, ready for our post today? The Hunch of Luxury is caliente, on fire, and we’re going to talk about a subject that peppered the last launch of Capodarte: shoes and fetish! Hummmmmmmm…. that really interests us! Hehehehehe! That shoe is almost an addiction for us women, everyone knows.But neither can we deny that behind the heels are the feeling of power, vanity and even sexuality.Well, thinking about this story, the Capodarte invited the sexologist Laura Muller (the program Altas Horas) for a chat about the relationship between shoe fetish and pleasure. All to explain the famous women’s passion for shoes!

It was suuuuper nice conversation and a very informal. Laura began the chat remembering the tale of Cinderella, the girl who joined the Prince thanks to your glass slipper!! You see even in the Fables the shoes have a special place in our lives? No wonder they say: “Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life!”. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk is the purest truth, right girls?! We love shoes! Here at you can get more models of the footwear.

Then we come to the most important issue of the night: the fetish! The sexologist explained that fetish is not sex but an aspect of our sexuality, which is nothing more than our way of being in the world. Is the way we connect, our beliefs, emotions and feelings. And what has the shoe to do with sexuality? That’s because if fetish is something that we love, that makes us feel attracted to something or someone, so it is understood why our fetish for footwear, since it is an object that attracts us so much!

The shoes have a strong power of seduction, either by color (red for example, which is the color of passion, desire), by jumps (which has the superpower to let us powerful posture that they provide), or by the moorings that titillate the imagination and the desire of the opposite sex).