Sligo, Ireland

According to, Sligo is a relatively small Irish city in the northwest of the country, located on the ocean. Sligo is the capital of the county of the same name in the province of Connacht. It is believed that the first settlement appeared here in the first half of the 6th century.

The name of the city is translated literally as “shell place”.

The tourist attraction of Sligo is determined by many factors. Among them are the tranquility that surrounds a person in this city, and the many natural beauties in the surroundings, and the view of the endless ocean, and architectural sights. And in general, in Ireland, people are ready to visit all cities, since each deserves special attention. But first things first…

How to get there

The easiest way for tourists from Russia to get to Sligo is through Dublin. Direct flights connect the two capitals of our countries, from there – by rented car, train or bus. Including buses from Belfast. Sligo also has its own airport. It is quite modest, there is no serious infrastructure, and you can quickly get to the center by bus or taxi.

Weather in Sligo

Throughout Ireland, a temperate maritime climate dominates, characterized by relatively warm weather. The average annual temperature here fluctuates around + 10 ˚C. Winter is relatively warm – the average temperature in December-February is about + 5 ˚C. Summers are warm with temperatures around + 15 ˚C. There is little rainfall in Sligo. The annual rate is about 700-800 millimeters.

Sligo Hotels

Due to the fact that the city attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year, the hotel business is well developed in Sligo. Despite the fact that the local population in the city does not recruit even 20 thousand people, more than 10 rather large hotels operate in Sligo. These include Strandhill Lodge and Suites, Sligo City Hotel, Benbulben Suites, Kevinsfort House, The Glasshouse and others.

The price of an ordinary double room will be about 3000-3500 rubles per day. As a rule, breakfast is included in the room rate.

Attractions and Attractions in Sligo

The main attraction of the city is the ancient abbey. On its territory there is an altar carved out of stone! The monastery was erected here in the 13th century, the monks of the Dominican order lived and served in it. There are several galleries in the courtyard of the abbey.

Sligo also has a County Museum. In the first hall there are exhibits of the ethnographic exhibition. The second room is dedicated to famous natives of Sligo: the Nobel laureate in literature, poet and playwright William Yeats and the painter, his brother, Jack Yeats. The museum building itself, by the way, is an architectural monument.

In addition, the building of the City Court is a landmark. It is built in the Victorian style, which is not very common in Ireland. Therefore, the Court is in its own way a unique structure, not only for Sligo, but for the whole country.

Sligo, Ireland