Sneakers Spring/Summer 2010 J´Hayber

The other day one of our readers claimed us we were more athletic shoes, and your desires are orders. I present the collection of athletic shoes J´Hayber spring/summer 2010, a vintage collection, very eighties and full of color.

Fourteen sports character designs in which colour is the protagonist. Pistachio, black, pink, Orange, an intense Fuchsia… give personality to a few models that expand and to rounded J´Hayber proposal for the days of good weather.

Slippers with the undisputed toquede J´Hayber and his line vintage, that pay homage to the myth of a brand that has been a part, the lives of many Spaniards, since the beginning of the 1970s.

And is that even if you put a tracksuit or jeans with sporting, are should be beautiful and stylish, since many people accustomed to rescue the slippers of years ago and is not nice to always go to fashion and leave the sport look.

And you can not miss the classic Black shoe, very combinable with all garments, with a very feminine touch through the pink lines.