The Best Burger Bars in Vienna

Are you in the mood for a really juicy burger and want to give it another go? Then you should read on quickly, because I am going to introduce you to the 7 best burger bars in Vienna – meal!

Be it a sweet cake with chocolate icing or a juicy burger with crispy fries – sometimes you just have to treat yourself to something! After all, you can’t eat healthily all the time – where’s the fun in that? If you’re craving something hearty right now, you should read on quickly, because I’ll show you the best burger bars in Vienna !

Mad cow disease, 1010 Vienna

Even if the local name sounds rather daunting – the burgers are by no means. In the mad cow disease in the first district you can expect a varied Burger card, which leaves no wish unfulfilled. In addition to beef and chicken burgers, there are also two veggie variants – so everyone gets their money’s worth here!

I want a cow from you!

According to, the burgers are eaten in a rustic slaughterhouse atmosphere. The restaurant only opened two years ago and has enjoyed great popularity ever since. If you want to avoid long waiting times, you should definitely reserve in advance! By the way, there is also a mad cow take away at the Naschmarkt!

Addicted to Rock, 1060 Vienna

Right next to the Museumsquartier you will find a lively burger shop that should be particularly popular with rock fans. The Addicted to Rock am Getreidemarkt attracts with a relaxed atmosphere and unusual burger creations. For example, you can order a black burger here!

Burger and Rock’n’Roll

The bar also has over 700 different gin and tonic variants and lots of beer. Of course, there is also plenty of entertainment – every second Wednesday of the month there is a pub quiz with really tough rock star questions, for example. Sounds like a good mix, doesn’t it?

Omnom Burger, 1040 Vienna

There isn’t much space to sit at Omnom Burger on Wiedner Hauptstrasse, but the burgers are absolutely delicious! Here you can create your burger according to your own wishes and simply take it home with you. There are both meat and veggie options.

Handmade fries with bacon

A special highlight are the homemade fries, which ensure a unique taste experience. They are also available with cheese or even bacon! The burger is rounded off with a crispy bun meal! By the way, a second branch has only recently opened in Sechsschimmelgasse in the 9th district.

Burgermacher, 1070 Vienna

The burger maker are among the first burger places in Vienna and are considered true pioneers. Since 2008, the restaurant in Burggasse has developed into a popular address for burger lovers – this is mainly due to the high-quality organic ingredients and the varied menu.

The burger pioneers

Both classic burgers and alternative variations such as pulled pork or tofu burgers are served on the plate. You should definitely try the truffled Parmesan fries as a side dish! For dessert, I recommend the homemade cheesecake – simply delicious!

Smokey’s, 1020 Vienna

In Smokey’s in the Upper Danube road you can put together your own burger! Of course, there are also ready-made burgers – if you want to try something extraordinary, order the mint burger. This contains a special mint yoghurt sauce and has a unique taste.

Make sure to try the mint burger!

In addition to burgers, there is also a large selection of wraps, salads and soups. Incidentally, the burger meat comes 100% from Austrian cattle.

Weinschenke, 1050 Vienna

The Weinschenke has three different locations in Vienna, including one in Franzensgasse in the 5th district. What can you expect here? Delicious burgers with funny names like “El Chicacano” and “Der wilde Kerl”. Choices range from beef to wild boar, and vegetarian options are also available.

The perfect after work spot!

The restaurant convinces with a relaxed atmosphere and is the ideal after work spot to relax. If you are not full after the hearty burgers, you can treat yourself to a liquid chocolate cake or crème brûlée. Be sure to try the house vodka in a wide variety of flavors!

Flatschers, 1070 Vienna

The Flat Schers in the 7th district is known primarily for prime steak, but also burger lovers come here not too short. The prices in the noble restaurant are a bit higher, but you also get the best beef from Argentina and the USA.

Burger in an upscale atmosphere

For those who don’t care about meat, there are also various fish and mussel dishes. By the way, the dessert menu is not to be despised either – I can particularly recommend the apricot cheesecake in New York style. If you want to go out chic again and treat yourself to a really juicy burger, you’ve come to the right place.

If you have a preference for burgers, you should definitely pay a visit to these restaurants in Vienna. Do you know a couple of burger bars yourself that you can recommend? Then just give us your tips! By the way, you can find many more Vienna tips in my travel magazine.

The best burger bars in Vienna