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Boat trip

Walk on the ship in the evening Dubai. This tour is for romantics. During this trip, you can enjoy night views of Dubai by cruising along the Creek. Completely different ships from wooden, stylized “antique” boats to ultra-modern catamaran yachts are at the service of tourists – the choice is yours, but everywhere you will be accompanied by pleasant music, a sea of ​​colorful lights, and a magnificent buffet.

Excursion to the capital of the UAE – Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is the most beautiful and green emirate. Everyone who has ever visited it is amazed by the huge number of parks and gardens. Ultra-modern skyscrapers combined with oriental flair, wonderful light fountains, the beautiful sheikh’s palace – everything is striking in its splendor. You will visit an artificial dam with a recreation area, visit the largest stadium in the Middle East and drive to an oil exhibition. In the evening you will have dinner in one of the best restaurants and a hookah in an old fortress-cafe.

Tour of Dubai – the second largest emirate

This emirate is a world famous trading center. Here you will be offered goods from all over the world. In the huge gold market, located in the heart of Dubai and known throughout the world, especially for its low gold prices, you can buy gold jewelry for yourself and your loved ones. You will not find such a wealth of choice and low prices anywhere else. You will visit the huge silk market and the market of oriental spices, see real camel races, visit the historical museum and the zoological park. Also during the tour you will see the Palace of Sheikh Mohamed. You will see the largest mosque in Dubai – Jumeirah, a fine example of Islamic architecture. The mosque is especially beautiful in the evening when the lights are on. A wonderful experience will remain from a walk along the bay in a water taxi, which will take you to the center, where are all the markets and huge shopping malls with covered car parks and playgrounds for children. So for those who plan not only to relax, but also to make some purchases, there is simply no better place to be found! Dubai at night has its own life. Numerous chic restaurants, night bars and discos are open for you until the morning. Here everyone can choose what he likes.

Tour of Sharjah

The third largest emirate attracts with its unique, purely oriental architecture. From the beautiful Culture Square you will drive to the palaces of the sheikhs, and then, after visiting traditional markets and bazaars, you will be able to ride on an Arab boat along the picturesque bay. You will visit the largest mosque in the Middle East and see the Pearl Monument, which is the symbol of the federation.

Jeep safari

You will have the opportunity to get an unforgettable experience from a trip in jeeps through the dunes, to feel like a nomad – a Bedouin, traveling on camels. You will taste an Arabic dinner in the Bedouin camp, you will see a real oriental dance and you will be able to take part in it yourself. Do you love skiing? There is no snow in the UAE, but there are sand dunes, from which you will become a fan of this sport. And if you can’t imagine a vacation without a motorcycle, then the trails located in the desert will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Indian Ocean

The tour will begin with a visit to the beautiful mountains of Al Hajar, where you will have the opportunity to visit the oldest mosque, wander through the ruins of an ancient fort and go down to the waters of the Indian Ocean.

scuba diving

You will have a unique opportunity to visit the coast of the Indian Ocean, see the lagoon, surrounded by a ring of mountains, and coral reefs. Men will be able to show strength and dexterity in spearfishing, armed with guns and pikes. And for women and children, an experienced diving instructor will show all the diversity of the marine world. A real success for you will be a meeting with sea turtles and other inhabitants of the underwater kingdom.

Journey to Al Ain

The city of Al Ain is the birthplace of the sheikh, an oasis city on the border with Oman, surrounded by golden sand dunes. It is also called the city of flowers. Vegetation covers the entire city center. Traces of ancient civilization are preserved today, surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden. It is located 180 km from Dubai, at the foot of Al Hafeet Mountain. You will visit the famous zoo with 1500 species of animals from all over the world. Having passed through a vast territory on a steam locomotive, you will see elephants and giraffes, gazelles and peacocks. You will have the opportunity to visit the observation deck, to the top of which leads a 13-kilometer highway – a serpentine. During a trip around the city, you will enjoy the views of flowering alleys, palm groves and giant red dunes.

Dreamland water park

A huge water park where adults and children can relax is located in Um Al Quwain. Countless water slides and attractions, an artificial wave pool, as well as numerous bars and restaurants located in the park will make this trip interesting for both adults and the little ones. There are many shady and cozy places for a picnic in the park. An open-air theater operates here, where the best foreign and Russian artists perform. Not far from the park is a recently opened shooting club where you can test your skills on real weapons. Read more >>>

Waterpark “Wild Wadi” in Dubai

If someone has already swum in the salty waters of the Persian Gulf and is looking for an alternative option for relaxing on the water, then the best option is the Wild Wadi water park. Artificial waves, surfing (water flow speed – 60–80 km/h), tropical downpour, waterfalls, black hole, kamikaze slide 51; free fall from a height of 15 meters! Read more >>>

Night bay cruise

For three hours you can enjoy night skiing and dinner on a traditional Arab boat on the night bay. You will be offered oriental and European dishes, as well as soft drinks, tea or coffee.

deep sea fishing

An unforgettable experience will make you fishing in the open sea on a comfortable yacht, fully equipped for deep-sea hunting for sharks. Chilled drinks and snacks are waiting for you on board the yacht. Also, upon additional request, you can order lunch directly on board the yacht or dine in the club’s restaurant after returning to shore.

Night crab hunting

Test your crab hunting skills by taking a boat trip to the islets near Um Al Kuwait. An experienced guide will teach you the ancient way of hunting with spears and powerful lanterns. After the end of the hunt, you will return to the shore for a buffet and barbecue, and the chef will cook the caught crabs.

mountain safari

A mountain jeep safari is a unique opportunity to take a trip to the mountains and enjoy their beauty, swim in fresh lakes and just get a lot of pleasure from the dizzying mountain serpentines. Visit to the State of Oman. Jumping from cliffs into canyons from a height of 3–8 meters (it’s good if the lake has not dried up). As a rule, dinner in the mountains is included in the price.

camel racing

Camel racing will help you feel the atmosphere of the East. Camels of special breeds participate in races. Riders are children from 6 to 9 years old. Each participant in the race receives a prize from the emir, and the winner is awarded a special prize (an apartment, a car, an airplane, etc.). By visiting camel races, you can not only feel the excitement of the competition, but also see the emirs and their inner circle at the award ceremony.

Trip to Hatta Fort

You can visit the unique fort in the small village of Hatta. The authentically restored old village gives an opportunity to present the true importance of this place in the old days. The colorful colors and outlines of the mountains give Hatta a special charm.

Flight by plane (with an instructor)

During this excursion you will get a bird’s eye view of the blue lagoons and golden sands of Umm Al Quwain. Also on this trip, tourists can enjoy the feeling of self-control of the aircraft.

Excursion to Burj Al Arab

Arabic tower. The tallest and most luxurious hotel in the world. 7 stars! What can you pay thousands of dollars a night for? Luxury, great design, fountains, aquariums, a bar in the sky and under water, viewing elevators.

Moroccan baths

This excursion for women – steam baths, natural gels and professional massage will make the body young and attractive, help to emphasize the natural beauty. After the bath, a facial massage and a refreshing mask will complete the work of professional cosmetologists.

Shooting club

You will be taken to the sheikh’s elite shooting club. After choosing a weapon and passing, if necessary, a briefing in Russian, you can try your hand at trap shooting, visit a pistol shooting range. After the accuracy test, tourists will be offered soft drinks, combat trophies and souvenir photos. And for an additional cost you can play paintball.

Skydiving (with instructor)

To prove to yourself and others that you are capable of it, to experience the feeling of victory over your own fear. Jump from a height of 4 thousand meters in tandem on a special parachute! Video and photo shooting is possible.

Visiting a radon healing spring

It is recommended for the prevention of osteochondrosis and neurosis, for the removal of toxins and lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood. General health effect. Skin cleaning.

Travel to UAE